Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Catholic Bishops Winning Election Year Issue Hits Congress - Religious Liberty Testimony Full Text ( Pass out To Friends)

The United States Catholic Bishops as a body gets a lot grief. However I am very impressed, as I have noted before, that the Bishops seem to be acting in a half way effective way on this alarming USA religious liberty issue.

I think this is a "winning" issue and by winning I mean if done in a effective fashion both parties in running for President and the Congress are going to maybe have to address our concerns.

Today the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops hit Congress in the presence of the testimony of Bishop Lori who is the Bishop of Bridgeport. The full text is linked here at Bishops’ Religious Liberty Chair Urges Congress to Defend Religious Liberty at House Judiciary Committee Hearing

It is well written, backed up with facts, easy to understand , and most importantly conveys a real sense of alarm that even a lay person can pick up. On that note I hope people pass this out.

The next step is making sure ALL the American Bishops work their Dioceses on this. Which means working their priests to really inform their flock about the dangers. I would suggest that each Diocese have committee on a religious diocesan level to get the word out to the Parishes and the public at large. It's is going to take more than the Bishop talking about it in some monthly column of the Catholic newspaper that sadly most Catholics will not read.

That is the alarm bells has got to get out of the Catholic blogs, magazines and other other outlets of the Catholic media ghetto that many Catholics don' pay attention too.

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