Thursday, October 20, 2011

" Vatican " Outraged That USA based Have An Affair Dating Service Might Sponsor Rome Basketball Team

Tip of the hat to the UK Herald's Morning Reads for this.

See Roma in sponsorship talks with cheating website

Roma in sponsorship talks with cheating website

ROME — Virtus Roma basketball team are in talks for a sponsorship deal with a website that helps unfaithful married people have an affair.
Founder and president of Noel Biderman has been in talks with Roma president Claudio Toti for two days, something that has brought criticism from the Vatican.
The Canadian-based website's motto is: "Life's short, have an affair."
But Biderman is unrepentant.
"Sport is more about fun than the family. What should we say then about alcohol and betting and the companies that regularly sponsor sports teams," Biderman is quoted as saying by Italian news agency Ansa.
"I can assure you that affairs existed before we did.
"We're not offering anything new, we offer a communication platform for those who want to meet others away from work."
Roma are allegedly hoping to use the Ashley Madison revenue to fund a bid for Italian star Andrea Bargnani, who currently plays for the Toronto Raptors.
Several European clubs are trying to secure the sponsorship necessary to bring NBA stars to Europe and take advantage of the ongoing lock-out.
But the idea of a website that encourages infidelity sponsoring the team closest to the Vatican is too much for some.
"It's crazy, there's no need to comment on this. It's a betrayal of values and even of the identity of sport," His Grace Flavio Capucci, of the Opus Dei organisation, told Ansa.
"I hope that Virtus's directors will think twice about this

Well that is pretty outrageous (sick, vile horrid , insert your word) and no doubt some at the Vatican are indeed outraged. Of course no one I think at the Vatican or in authority at the See of Rome is actually quoted. I am not sure Falvio Capucci whose main duty is heading up the Opus Dei religious order can be called Vatican. I have seen several articles on this and again no doubt the Vatican is fit to be tied. However I can't find much in the english press at least as anyone from the "Vatican" going on record.

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