Monday, October 24, 2011

Rick Perry and Anti Catholicism Again

A blogger at VOX NOVA is just now noticing the Anti Catholic Pastor and Rick Perry story. See A bit of Anti-Catholicism, with a Side of Republican Politics

Now in reality this story is about two weeks old at least which in the 24/7 media news cycle seems like last year. Further as to discussion in that post, I should note that I think its highly unlikely that Dr. Robert Jeffress is Perry's Pastor since Dallas is not exactly a suburb of Austin.

However one commenter made a comment that while bashing Perry and assuming things about him makes my point on this issue:

I’m quite sure that Perry won’t dismiss this. First, he probably agrees with it. But, second (and in terms of politics, more importantly), in order to denounce it, he would need to refute it. And in order to refute it, he would need to undertake an in-depth historical and doctrinal argument that would hold very few interested listeners. I don’t think Perry is equipped to do so, even if it made political sense to try.I would certainly be interested to see an in-depth, scholarly, point-by-point refutation of it here, however–if anybody would like to attempt one.

Not only would it make no political sense it also would be inappropriate for a public official to start making theological and doctrinal arguments over controversial issues.

I know Perry talks about his important his Faith is. He also as a regular part of his role as a politico generally talks about the important positive role various faith communities play (YES HE HAS AS TO CATHOLICS) in the community. However it's not his role to defend the Catholic Church doctrines or it's claims when someone is in disagreement with them.

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