Friday, October 28, 2011

Maybe The American Catholic Church Does Not Deserve Catholic Priests and Other Vocations

UPDATE- Looking at this again it's probable that perhaps these are small children. There is something to indicate in the letter that maybe this is the case. Though it could indicate that lack of parental involvement at Mass leads to long term problems like this.

I am so sad and mad over this. See "We discovered about 30 hymnals containing the Body of Christ" in MN parish .

I am just shocked. I also have a feeling this just is not the a isolated incident at the Parish from Hell that you come upon on occasion.

There is no better argument than communion on the tongue only than this. Second there is no better argument than to bring back Adoration , Benediction, and just sound Catholic teaching than this. In fact maybe we should bring back the midnight fast back so Catholics don't treat the communion line like a Fast Food Drive through

But here is the thing. Catholics constantly complain we need more Priests and the Pope should let them marry etc etc so we have more Priests.
Now if this common, and I can't think of any reason why it would be happening here and not elsewhere, why would our Lord send us more Priests?

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