Friday, October 14, 2011

President Obama Has Got Catholic Bishops Riled Up Like Never Before

For most of my adult life it seems the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops could be described by Douglas Adams that wrote the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy series. That is "mostly harmless".

However that seems to have changed perhaps. I got that feeling again when I read this piece at one of the Conference's blog sites. See The ABC Factor at HHS - Anybody But Catholics

Which leads to this piece at Mirrors of Justice of how downhill it has been since the Obama promise at Notre Dame at President Obama: Past Promises and Current Actions on Mandates and Conscience .

That article further links what should have been the Catholic 2012 warning piece of the day for Obama at St Louis today that gives a full in HDTV living color overview of how bad it is.

I have never seen in my adult life the USA Catholic Bishops so riled up toward one White House on a sustained basis. Here is the problem for Obama. We actually have people in charge now over there that might know how to make that hurt. We shall see.

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