Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Italian Newspaper Notes Tone and Words Matter in the United States Illegal Immigration Debate

As noted by here quite correctly in Italian newspaper. See US ELECTIONS/ Immigrants: Legal or illegal, they are all people

Human beings , even the best of us, can go into tribal mode on emotional issues where is controversial issues that have in the background some ethnic or religious component. It is just human nature. The result being this absurd situation that happened to a business.

I highly suspect in the end the many factions in this very complicated debate over illegal ( and in some cases legal) immigration are ALL not going to be happy with the solution when that day comes. Till then responsible leadership on all sides need to help tone down the rhetoric some in my view.

That is not to say I am one those that there is no such thing as an illegal they are all just immigrants. That stance brings in a whole host of problems itself.

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