Thursday, October 20, 2011

Southern Baptist Big Wig : Right Behind Catholicism Calvinism Second Biggest Problem

It seems there has been an effort in Southern Baptist circles to not talk about the Calvinism controversy. It got real heated a couple of years ago and got well rather nasty.

During the recent Southern Baptist convention I saw ton of tweets that were of the line " Can't we just talk about the spreading the saving word of Jesus" and " Oh this disagreement is so un Christ like" etc etc when this issue was alluded too.

Now part of that is cultural. Southerners are by nature very polite people and who wants all this disagreement out and about with your neighbors. Other just hope the issue goes away.

However as Frank Page, CEO of the SBC Executive basically says theology does matter and does have consequences. No matter how you wish to ignore it.

See SBC leader cites Calvinism as top challenge . I sort of keep up with this debate because when I was Southern Baptist I rarely met a Baptist Calvinist . Now they are everywhere. It is interesting that he had the courage to bring this debate more in the spotlight again.

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