Friday, October 7, 2011

Bobby Jindal and Mitch Landrieu Like Each Other - Which Helps All of Us

I found this very apt.

During this period of angry Louisiana politics, two of the top government officials in the state appear to have a good working relationship--Governor Bobby Jindal and New Orleans Mitch Landrieu.

There obvious close camaraderie stands in stark contrast to that of former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and D. Ray Nagin, both who became somewhat tragic figures in the Katrina chaos. During that fractious time, the blame game between the governor and the mayor was a side show on the local and national stages.

Here is a picture I took of Jindal and Landrieu approaching the main stage after photo shoot. On numerous times, whenever I have seen Jindal and Landrieu together, together appear to be joking with one another or sharing bits of humor--as well as speaking highly of one another. Jindal, a Republican and Landrieu, a Democrat, certainly have their political disagreements and ambitions. But, at least, when it comes to public events, the two absolutely appear to enjoy one another’s company.

Both men are young and could very well be on the local or national stage for many years to come.

Who knows, “It could be the start of a beautiful friendship!”

See that picture he talks about at the above link.

I think this is very encouraging. I was watching the feed from St Louis Cathedral yesterday via the web site before the stations started their live on the air TV coverage of the Archbishop Hannan funeral. Jindal could bee seen interacting with the Hannan family, the Landrieus and other politicos.

Mitch Landrieu was at his side during all this and and I was struck by the body language of both (there was no sound) and how it seemed they enjoyed each other's company.

No matter what you think of Jindals or Landrieu's politics that is a MAJOR plus for all of us. A lot of politics is the personal and am glad to see the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor get along. I am glad this article confirms my gut yesterday.

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