Friday, October 21, 2011

Democratic Party Rolls Out Their Anti Abortion Anti Gay Marriage Faith Point Man

Believe it or not I am going to link something from Religious Dispatches which I any devoted readers of my blog will know I have issues. However Posner has a interview with a person of some significance that is worth reading

See Dems' New Faith Outreach Director "Pro-Life" and Against Marriage Equality

It will be interesting to see his role and his position. While the interview is good the anwers are very vague. Full of well that's a vexing question and we must have "conversations" etc etc. The interviewer in this case in a surprising ( or maybe not) way avoid specific questions. Like well you are against gay marriage are you against the repeal of DOMA for instance.

His position on abortion is interesting and he seems to think this should be a state by state issue but again cluttered with all sort of vague buts etc. Pastor Harkins also says he is not for "further access to abortions" to abortion which seems sort of vague in itself. You can have abortion in many places almost up to birth what further access is there? Again the interviewer seems hesitant to ask specific questions about legislation to restrict.

He does seem to be talking to the Catholic Bishops and other groups so what he says will be important.

Needless to say his position on what Planned Parenthood does and what it does not do NEEDS to be engaged. I would suggest hopefully someone in the prolife community set up a forum where those issues can be civily discussed with him.

He talks about the need not to say applause line but thens says:

And to continue and to say we’re going to do away with Planned Parenthood because somehow then we therefore end abortion is a false premise.

Is anyone saying that? I have never heard that?

On a personal note I have to say this annoys me at tad:

What I say to somebody, would I advocate for further access to abortions? Well, no, that’s not in my wheelhouse. But I would say if you’re going to have that conversation, you better also have a conversation that speaks to the situations that apply to that would prompt a family, especially a poor family, or a woman to seek out an abortion..

I get the need that the poor have and a cost of a child. But in my personal life I have known a lot of well off young women and families that have abortions. There is all kind of poverty out there and some of the most horrific poverty is that of the spirit and soul that effects people that are not "economically" poor. I sometimes wonder when adressing poverty we are too focused on the economic kind.

Update- Catholic Vote has a related piece here Obama 2012 Announces New Effort to Confuse, Er, *Court* Religious Voters

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