Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Jack Chick Halloween - Public School Teacher Hands Out Anti Catholic Tracts To Students (Updated)

UPDATE- SHE resigns from the School District Well to be honest I hate to see that. Everyone makes mistakes and a reprimand would have been fine with me if I was living there.

This story , tip of the hat to @roccopalmo , is from the what in the world was she thinking department. See Teacher reportedly handed out religious tracts in classroom . Yep one would think passing out Are Roman Catholics Christians? to Catholic students at a public school would cause perhaps a complaint by a parent.

Anyway it got me thinking about sort of a aspect of Halloween Americana that happens a great deal. That is the passing out of the Jack Chick tracts with the candy. I notice at the Jack Chick web site this tradition is still going strong. Of course if one is a heavy Catholic area I suspect those famous anti Catholics tracts would be added to the seasonal affair suggestions.


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