Monday, October 31, 2011

How Will Media and Southern Baptist Church Handle Video Voyeur Evangelist

First I am not picking on the Baptist. Also I am not trying to divert from Catholic problems. However this will be the second case coming within a month on if there is a double standard to reporting about these issues. That is what I am interested in as a Catholic

See Evangelist charged with video voyeurism from the Baptist press. For a more aggressive commentary see Video Voyeurism of Sammy Nuckolls - Were There Any Victims at Lifeway's FUGE Camps? via FBC Jax Watchdog

As we learn from local media this activity might have been going on for years.

Now to be clear there is no indication yet he was filming underage undressing or taking showers at all these camps. Maybe he did not. Maybe he has sexual taste in older women. Still this seems like a big freaking deal with someone that is sort of a big deal in the Southern Baptist Church. Yet I only caught wind of this because I got a Baptist news service on my twitter feed. Beside local media in Mississippi and the Memphis area not much out there in the press.

Again there is no indication yet that underage girls were involved in these past activities. But the again a lot of parents might be clueless if this gets the typical non celibate non Catholic coverage into these issues.

Again I am not position to be casting stones here as a Catholic and that is not my intent. But it will be interesting to see how the press covers this and indeed the Southern Baptist Church handles any internal investigation ( if they do one at all).

What is interesting here is because of the Lifeway connection this really puts the issue of liability a little closer to the National Convention perhaps.

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