Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Viewpoint Discrimination Cases After OCCUPY Is Gone

One of the more interesting things that will come out of the OCCUPY protest accross the country is future VIEWPOINT discrimination claims. The mayors of various cities are no doubt thinking it is just better to let this play out. However have no doubt that the lawyers that advise the mayors are pointing out that precedents could be set.

We sort of see this playing out in Atlanta. See Occupy Atlanta Police let protesters stay in park

The occupy movement has some establishment backing. But let's say the White Power folks of Georgia want to occupy/ camp out and have a festival of ideas at this park with all sort of interesting signs and speech. Well I highly suspect people will go GET THEM OUT OF THERE. However you can't regulate speech as to content they will say and they will have quite a point as how things like OCCUPY might have been treated differently

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