Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Dallas First Baptist Preacher Statements on Catholics Really Hatred?

I am not sure where the Catholic League is going with this politics wise. Father Z has Still the “Catholic Church and Babylon” thing? Really?

I have a feeling from past experience where the Catholic League is going on this issue. That is they expect Rick Perry to shun and call out this Pastor because he might have some rather significant theological differences with Catholicism. If they go there I am not going along for the ride.

That being said Father Z seems baffled by the "Babylon" religion thing that is such a dated charge hardly any serious respected opponents of Catholicism use it much anymore. At least the new generation of "anti Catholic" apologist do not.

That being said I am not sure at all I would call this "hate". A word we might throw around too much to easily to get people to shut up. It might be a silly claim but it's a claim that no doubt this Pastor has read in countless "Church History" and books before. No doubt like tens of thousands of tracts and books it is likely based on the error filled tome Roman Catholicism by Loraine Boettner Just because it's fabulously wrong does not make it hate. We need to be more careful with that charge.

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