Friday, October 11, 2013

Wearing a Cassock Or Having Nice Vestments Is Not Clericalism.

I am so glad Father Duffy responded to this article . See Titles and Cassocks and Vestments, oh my!

I never quite get the attitude that tries to lump all sort of things into Clericalism . It does not seem the Lutherans or the Episcopalians have this discussion as much as we do  and for that matter in the non Latin Rite part of the Catholic Church. 


SJ Reidhead said...


Trust me Episcopalians are THE WORST when it comes to this topic. I did Altar Guild for years. I know. I do like the clerical collar. To me, it's like a uniform. Wear it proudly. We had one former priest... oh well, he turned Anglican then came out of the closet & left town to stalk his ex-gay lover.

Seriously, it is always a huge topic in Episcopalian ranks. LOL!

The Pink Flamingo

James H said...

LOL I had no idea