Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Emperor Has No Clothes Moment For Christian Activist & Evangelist Jim Wallis

First let me say I don't doubt Jim Wallis sincere Christian Faith. I was very impressed with him in a debate he had with " conservative " Southern Baptist Al Molher a few years back .

Still sincerity and the love to spread the Gospel does not all at times prevent one from being wrong or perhaps being the the rear end of a donkey.

The Government shutdown has Jim Wallis out there a good bit this week. I had some substantial disagreement with his a use of Romans 13 and our current political situation in which voice via a tweet.

However Preacher “civility” really really is upset about some political folks and the GOP in particular  and well we have seen this dog and pony show before. This is shown in a new You Tube video.

First Things has a post calling a good bit of out at It’s Not Theology, It’s Ideology This was followed up by stinging but I think appropriate rebuke on another matter . See . . . It’s Also Uncivil .

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