Sunday, October 27, 2013

How I Became A Homophobe

I find it interesting because I oppose gay marriage  I have become a supposed  hater of those that have various degrees of same sex attraction.

Growing up as a young straight man  in rural north Louisiana interested in art , politics , and just general conversation about people that were just NOT LIKE ME I actually had a good many gay friends.In my friendships with gay men there was never a demand I embrace what they did in their private lives.

We just enjoyed each others friendship.Also not only did I enjoy their friendship I was quite public about how some demeaned them was wrong . However in just a few short years because I don't embrace same sex marriage I am called a HATER.

 I just shake my head at this.

I am still of the opinion that no matter if you are religious or not that the shifting of WHAT MARRIAGE is and who can be part of it is a rather big deal.

Opponents of gay marriage say if we have gay marriage what is next ! Sex with animals or multiple marriage ?

 Now I always thought the sex with animals was going a tad too far. Heck with PETA etc how can a animal ever give their willful consent. However when I mentioned polygamy as perhaps a natural consequence of gay marriage I get yelled down as a HATER !

I always thought that was strange since unlike gay marriage Polygamy actually has a long history of being acceptable in society.

Now it appears via CNN that heck you haters whats the matter with Polygamy! See at Mirrors of Justice this post  "Loving, committed multiple partner families"

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Undergroundpewster said...

The flotsam that CNN chooses to place on our shore is often a sign of a disaster the magnitude of which we have yet to become aware.