Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hans Kung Seriously Considering Having Swiss Euthanasia Organization End His Life

Sigh no words. Via Google Translate from the Germam article

 "On the evening of life," Küng has overwritten the last 100 pages of his memoirs. In it, he reported for the first time openly about his deteriorating health. He who has recently written to all his books by hand can bring readable only with difficulty letters on paper.

 For over a year he knew that he at Parkinson suffer and will also soon lose his eyesight through macular degeneration. A shock was that Küng admits. "A scholar who can not read and write? Then what?" He asks. "I will not continue to exist as a shadow of myself" From the public, Küng had retired earlier this year. The office of President in 1995 he founded the Global Ethic Foundation, which promotes cross-community ethical standards, it has made ​​. 

After finishing his memoirs, he will now also publish any other books more, Küng announced. Longing his 90th To experience another birthday, he did not. "I'm not 'tired of life', but 'satisfied with life'." 

 Küng, in March 1928 as the son of a shoe dealer in Switzerland born, reminiscent of the philologist Jens, who by a dementia lived the last years of madness and died this summer . "I will not continue to exist as a shadow of myself," he makes clear - and think about it, if necessary with the help of a Swiss euthanasia organization to depart this life. "Man has a right to die when he sees no more hope of a human life according to his own best understanding further." It would be a final affront to the Church, this form of euthanasia strictly rejects.

The man needs our prayers in a very urgent manner.

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