Monday, June 29, 2009

Catholics Bone Up On Your Calvinism- It's Coming Back

Get Religion has a good piece at Calvin: he’s hot, hot, hot

As I mentioned before as a former Southern Baptist Calvinism was not a big thing in our Church or area. It seemed we Southern Baptist (The mainstream ones that went to the main SBC Church ) and the Methodist were aware that the Presbyterians down the street believed in it and something called TULIP but aside for them and a few Churches it was not a big thing. Calvinism seems to come in waves in the Evangelical community and I suppose I caught it when was far from the shore.

But boy is it back. So Catholics might have to grapple with new terms and concepts as a Calvinist Evangelical questions you. I can recall a few years back I met my first really strict Calvinist Baptist preacher and I sort of taken back. Needless to say I never learned half of what he is saying in my Sunday School. So it takes a little work. We are going way beyond the typical conversations into something I have to admit is a tad deeper. It is no mistake that Calvinist are the important thinkers in the Evangelical history over time.

Thankfully we have a number of converts that came from a very Calvinist Presbyterian tradition. Scott Hahn comes to mind. Canterbury Tales is another that just engages one in this post Calvinism vs. Catholicism: A Response to the Lane Keister at Green Baggins blog

David Armstrong has a ton of links and posts talking about this. I strongly recommend his site.

This page is a must

Again check his blog out daily because it seems he engages Calvinist thought a lot.

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