Friday, October 7, 2011

Louisiana Sent Off Archbishop Hannan of New Orleans In High Catholic Style -Links and Pictures Roundup Post

I think Abita Deacon speaks for many via his his blog that were there in the St Louis Cathedral yesterday, that were part of the hundreds that celebrated the Mass outside via loudspeaker and Jumbo tron in Jackson square, the countless that watched in via the several live TV stations that Attending the funeral Mass of Archbishop Hannan: one of the most profound days of my life. It was quite a week and I can bet even in the biggest of Cities in the USA that have Cardinals they don't give the send off we in Louisiana and the Archdiocese of Louisiana gave to Archbishop Hannan.

All week long it was something special to behold. I was very touched by just watching the live feed of people coming to the view the body during the week. As the that last picture I have posted people going to the Coffin , flanked by the Honor Guard of the 82nd Airborne, and pressing their rosaries , their crucifixes, their medals, etc onto Hannan's body was not a uncommon site. The fact is now we have a much more powerful prayer partner interceding on our behalf than we need just weeks ago I suspect. It is always folly to assume someone is heaven and has bypassed purgatory perhaps. But to Hannan one just feels it.

The Picayune has good article here by the wonderful religious reporter Bruce Nolan who has had quite a week. Do not miss their photo gallery . The AP has their article up here at Hannan buried with pomp, charm .

The very good Catholic newspaper of the Archdiocese has At historic funeral, Msgr. Doskey says Abp. Hannan always heard 'the cry of the poor' Also while there don't miss the incredible photos they have of all the weeks events . Catholic Priest NOLA expat Da Mihi Animas has some great short vids from some of memorable parts of the Mass.

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