Monday, October 3, 2011

Journalist Baffled At Catholic Journalist's Faith

This is an interesting follow up on a post I did earlier. See A religious journalist on religion journalism where a journalist is just baffled how a news reporter can become a better Catholic , or in this case in reality become a Catholic, after covering the Catholic abuse saga.

Well fair enough I suppose. I became Catholic when the first stories of Catholic Clergy sex abuse were breaking . That happened to be in my my state in the Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana. They even made a tv movie about it. The Diocese of Lafayette by the way after going through a rough time is doing just fine now and in fact is going gangbusters. Which helps me keep a long term view of this crisis.

However I largely came into the Church via the Church Fathers. In the Church Fathers you see them making the same claims that the Church is of Divine orign and Holy. At the same time they are doing this they are often combating the most horrific widespread sin and scandal among some of their faithful and yes VERY OFTEN the Clergy. In comparison to then quite frankly this seem mild in comparison.

In fact you can go to the Bible. In the opening chapters of the book of Revelations that there appears be a lot of "not very holy people doing not very holy things" in the address to the Seven Churches. So this ain't new.

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