Thursday, October 6, 2011

Episcopal Church USA Goes To War In South Carolina - Def Con 1 (Links)

The Archbishop Hannan events have had be so distracted that I did not notice till a hour ago these shocking development in Episcopal Church USA. See ****Urgent Message from the Diocese of South Carolina Bishop and Standing Committee****.

It appears that perhaps the main office was not anticipating the Bishop of South Carolina going public with the charges of Abandonment made against him and thus issued this "clarification in quite a hurry. (Scroll down to From Bishop Dorsey Henderson President of the Title IV Disciplinary Board of the Episcopal Church Concerning the Diocese of South Carolina).

Now looking at the charges in this 64 pages document I tend to agree some are so outrageous one would hope they were not "manufactured" in New York and FedEx to South Carolina for the locals to present back to the head office. So that has merit. Further one truly hopes that if one does not support the Episcopal Church pro abortion lobby group that it is not evidence of Canonical Crime against the Episcopal Church USA as to Abandonment . See comment 16.

However based on prior actions by the head of the Episcopal Church USA in South Carolina people that say in their more chariable moments it's likely both /and have good reason I suspect. See comment section here at A Memo on the Nature of the Accusations Against +Mark Lawrence as to that matter and "clarification" that was sent out by the TEC.

Whatever one thinks this pretty groundbreaking. I suspect that all sort of conservative Episcopalians have brought charges against liberal Bishops. What is different here is it appears NEW YORK thinks there must be some merit to something because they got the lawyer involved. So at some level ( to this untrained eye on how Episcopal procedure under the new Canons just approved operate) it appears again the Primate of Episcopal Church USA thinks something here has merit one would think.

The Anglican Communion Inistitute has already reacted. See A Response to the reported Title IVdisciplinary process begun against Bishop Mark Lawrence

We very well might be seeing some interesting and dramatic Episcopal Church history happening before our eyes here.

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Anonymous said...

Well done. The madness of the presiding bishop has never been so apparent.