Tuesday, March 1, 2011

United States Catholics Versus Southern Baptists on Mission Funding.

How do we stack up against the far fewer Southern Baptist. I don't know but I suspect they "might" put us to shame. This is because Missions and those collections are pretty big deals in the SBC. In other words the Preachers do not just mention there will be a second collection as a side note literally minutes before it happens. This is just my gut feeling.

This the Southern Baptist numbers. The Baptists keeps folks informed

I never actually hear how much the Catholic Church raises in the United States in our various Mission collections. One seems to have to really search for it! I am not seeing any of that info here at the United States Catholics Bishops web page on collection. At least it cannot be found that easy.

Contrary to popular myth Catholics seem very bad at raising money at least in comparision to my Southern Baptist experience.


Andy said...

I agree. I previously belong to a Presbyerian Church (PCA). They did a full week on missions and you knew when it was coming months in advance.

James H said...

Yeah it is sort of breathtaking to me. Catholics used to be so good on that. Part of it is we have several "Mission" collections but the Church never promotes it, tell us what is happening. etc. So people might put a dollar or two extra if it all