Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glenn Beck and Toyko Governor The Same On God and Earthquakes?

Glenn Beck sort of through out a passing reference to God, judgment, and the recent tragedy in Japan last night on his show. I had heard it about it earlier yesterday so I stayed up last night to watch the rebroadcast. Something I rarely do since I am not really a Beck fan.

I thought it was a lot to do about nothing really. I do understand that we should not be jumping the gun and attributing all natural disasters to God, scripture , or prophecy. etc.

Though I have to admit I have mentioned to people the messages of Our Lady of Akita which I have caught my eye. Scripture and prophecy tell us to be aware of the signs of the time that we often MAY see played out these things. That does not mean of course everything can or should be attributed to God's wrath, warning, or punshiment. However when something tramatic with a captial T happens people will observe it and discuss it no matter if some think the whole notion is looney.

So Beck basically is talking about what a lot of people are thinking. I am not sure we are well served by making that discussion taboo in the media. How does that help? Of course it goes without saying if Beck mentions scrpture or lets say a Catholic wants to brink up Akita well
of course they can expect to be challenged.

The very good Houston Chronicle religion blog (go there everyday if you live in Houston or not) has a good post on this at Glenn Beck on God's message behind the Japan earthquake. It appears from that link many Japanese including one high politico are thinking the same thing to some degree.

The question and discussion is out there here and in Japan it appears. It is part of the news story of how Japan and the world is processing all this.

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Childrens Writer said...

While recent events may be associated with end times (haven't we been in end times in one sense since Christ returned to heaven?), it's incorrect to suggest it's God's punishment. (See my blog "Singing in the Wood" for longer disussion on this.)