Friday, March 18, 2011

North Louisiana Fights To Keep Their Two Congressional District Despite Rep Gallot.

The Picayune has a story up at Chairman Gallot presents three plans for congressional reapportionment

This caught my eye

Gallot said Thursday he has not discussed his maps with members of Congress or Kostelka, noting that Alexander and his colleagues have been talking with Kostelka. Gallot said he instead based his plans on input from civic leaders and voters who attended a series of public forums around the state. Local leaders in Monroe and Shreveport, he said, expressed common interests and economic development that merit being joined in one district instead of two, as they are now.

UMMM who are those local leaders in Monroe and Shreveport he is talking about? I am under the impression that hardly no one wants to return to the brief encounter we had with a vast North Louisiana district that we saw in the early 90's. (The combined at that time
McCrery /Huckaby Districts.)

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