Friday, March 18, 2011

Threatened Wisconsin Law Prof Urges Young People To Think Before Typing

Ann Althouse is one of the big blogs that has been front and center on reporting what is going on in Wisconsin lately. For that she has got some nasty threats. See
Union thuggery against Althouse and Meade: "We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you like to go."

See also an update post at "Ann Althouse and Meade advocate torture, attack against nonviolent protesters, police-state crackdowns on citizens exercising their constitutional rights..." and "Exclusive Interview With Jim Shankman, the Man Behind the Ann Althouse Threat."

Ann had another post I think should be read by people on both the left and right in this social media age. See I really do feel sorry for these young people who screw up their internet reputation

People, take a lesson from what you've seen on this blog in the last month. There have been 2 incidents of young men — relatively young men — writing on the internet, threatening me. If I post about it, even if I don't put their names in the post, but it comes out in the comments, anyone Googling their names is going to stumble into the ugly thing they wrote. Even if you have no human kindness at all and care only about yourself, how can a moment of passion be worth all the damage you do to your reputation? Do you think a potential employer who reads something like what we discussed here and here would consider hiring you? You may think you are really just a harmless guy with "good politics," having some fun, and you may not care at all whether you scare me or not, but you are hurting yourself. Out of self-interest alone, you need to stop.

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