Friday, March 18, 2011

Arizona Legislature Comes To It's Senses? Major Immigration Related Bills Die

I am pleasantly relived and surprised. See Ariz. Senate rejects illegal immigration bills . The views of people in AZ on this difficult issue are a lot more complex than they appear. One can see this in the politicos that they elect.

Still with their rather bizarre Senator President, who I think is an attention whore, I had no idea what would happen. However with reason even some of the more conservative people on this issue seem to have had problems with some of this laws. In fact I have noticed that a lot of conservatives nationwide seem to have been putting distance between themselves and the AZ legislature as to some of these bills.

The main problematic bills that got voted down were two measures intended to force a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against automatic citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.

This is the problem. An AZ legislator takes an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Now you might think that birthright citizenship is nonsense is nonsense and should be changed. You might think the 14th amendment does not allow birthright citizenship.

However the problem is in my view that looking at the 14th, its history, and the debate around it that it does in fact does have birthright citizenship. I have a hard time thinking that many of those Legislators did not think likewise. I hope their Oath was part of the consideration on those that voted against it.

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