Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Injustice to Priests in The Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Mardi Gras was not a festive day to the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Archdiocese has decided under some public and indeed Govt pressure to review allegations made against Priests as to sexual abuse. That is fine and good and needed but there is a way to do it. From Whispers:

.......Their cases now to undergo a more extensive review, among the reported group are a former rector of the Cathedral-Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul who likewise served as vice-rector of St Charles Borromeo Seminary, Overbrook; a recent head of one of the Philadelphia church's six regional vicariates, the current head of a chancery office (at least, as of Monday), several well-regarded suburban pastors (two of whom were leading the twin parishes of the same high-profile town), a frequent contributor to the archdiocesan weekly, the Catholic Standard and Times, two priests ordained 60-plus years, and two clerics of religious orders.

According to reports, the men were given eight hours' notice to vacate their rectories on Monday. Banned from living on archdiocesan property for the duration of their respective leaves, at least initially, some found themselves with nowhere to go..........

That is just flat out wrong!! Let us recall that Catholic Priests are not exactly the most wealthy of folks. To leave a Priest homeless that very much has devoted himself to the Church while these allegations are investigated is just well wrong. The Church has a responsibility to find justice in all these cases. Justice is not served in this way. The Church (and that means we the laity too) have a responsibility that there is fairness in these hearings. This seems like a bad start.

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