Monday, March 21, 2011

Television Ad Tries To Make Louisiana Congressional Redistricting A North Versus South Issue

MAJOR UPDATE- Future of Louisiana Military Bases In Jeopardy By Louisiana Congressional Redistricting?

The Hayride has the scoop on who is behind this ad.

We had a thankfully only a very a brief encounter with this one North Louisiana massive District and it was largely unworkable. That is because the interest of the Northwest /Western and Northeast /Easter Louisiana are different.

One is the most heavy Agricultural District in the State. The Fleming District is not so focused on Ag issues.

One has the States two military bases. The other has no military presence.

The Fleming District has pretty much remained the same 30 years if not longer. The North West Louisana/ Western Louisiana district fits together.

Trying to put the current Fleming District with Northeast and Eastern Louisiana delta concerns is like oil and water .

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