Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anglicans and Giving Communion to the Non Baptized

I really really don't get this. The Episcopal Church has an open Communion policy for all Baptized Christians. Ok fine. I think that policy is problematic for many reasons but heck it's their faith community.

However this seems to fly in the face of scripture and the long tradition of the Church. One only has to read the Church Fathers to see the practice where even people in the process of entering the Church had to actually live the room when these sacred rights were done. Now in some ways we do that still in a symbolic way for people converting to the Catholic Church via RCIA in their final weeks of instruction.

DO people look at scripture and tradition when advocating stuff like this. For some reason , while it appears a minority position for NOW in the various Anglican communions, this position seems to be gaining traction.

MCJ has FACEPALM for all the details.

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