Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Confederate Flag Protester and Son of Confederate Veterans United In Louisiana (Pic of the Day)

I saw this at Civil War memory and I agree the reporter seems to leave us in the dark on the interesting back story on the photo.

See the full story at Sons of Confederate Veterans Take Part in Confederate Flag Protest.

Now there is a LOT of love about that photo. The candle, the holy water, the rather out there rebel flag shirt. Still what is going on here?

First though I am not sure of this fact I think Walter Milburn III, whose name I heard of before I swear, might be a bit of an eccentric. Who does a freaking protest on FAT TUESDAY in Louisiana when the rest of the town is partying.

It appears by the description of the turnout (3 people including the Sons of the Confederate Veteran) that most people pro or con decided to do other things.

So what is going on here. Well maybe the photo mirrors the story. Perhaps he has no problem honoring the dead just the flag and thus is lighting a candle to their memory. Maybe though the candle and holy water is a rite of exorcism against the bad rebels? But then why is the Sons of Confederate guy helping him out. I suspect he was just trying to be neighborly :)


Andy said...

I always enjoy watching demonstrations where the news media outnumbers the potesters. That speaker seemed a little off. He decried flying the confederate flag in public, but I only saw one little flag that couldn't have even been one sqaure foot and didn't appear to be a permanent part of any display. Was that why he was protesting? He said he didn't like the flag because it represented the confederacy, but had no problem with confederate monuments, which seems to me represent....the confederacy! He ends up hugging and posing with a guy wearing a confederate flag shirt and standing on public grounds, which seems to be the embodiment of all he was protesting against. Just bizarre.

James H said...

I know it is quite a story. I love how he said he will get the black panthers involved . Oh like that is a good PR move lol.

He must be a local and of course small town produce wonderful eccentric people