Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Future of Louisiana Military Bases In Jeopardy By Louisiana Congressional Redistricting?

Rep Gallot said their was north Louisiana community support for this supposed North Louisiana I-20 District . We are of course in the middle of redistricting battle. I asked earlier who in the north Louisiana community was for this since it seems most people think it is a bad idea.

Well it appears Sen. Lydia Jackson of SHREVEPORT of all places just filed a bill including the north Louisiana I-20 District. Sen. Rob Marionneaux, D-Livonia of South Louisiana also just filed a bill. See above map.

This is a serious matter. The District held currently by Congressman Fleming has both Barksdale AFB and Fort Polk army base in one district .

THIS MUST BE MAINTAINED!! This pretty much guarantees even a young Congressman from this district a slot on the very important and powerful House Armed Services Committee.

In the age of future budget cuts that will include defense why are putting that in jeopardy by separating Barksdale AFB and Fort Polk from each other. THIS IS MADNESS!!

Louisiana residents need to be reminded of the huge economic benefit that both Barksdale AFB and Fort Polk have on this state. We should not just think they are safe forever. It takes vigilance and having a seat on the House Armed Services committee is a huge part of that.

The map of this new proposed new District is provided by the Daily Kingfish which endorsed this plan. That is a mistake. If one is really concerned about DEM chances in the current district it should be recalled that Democrat Carmouche came within a hair of beating Fleming in this District. However that should not be the top concern. From my personal GOP opinion I would not care if Liberal Dem Bernie Sanders of VT was elected here as long as Barksdale and Fort Polk were kept in the same district.

It is that vital.

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