Friday, March 18, 2011

Is The Crystal Cathedral Going The Route of Pope Benedict Affirmative Orthodoxy ( Choir Controversy)

Get Religion has another post on the news coverage of this Choir controversy at
More than a sex covenant?

This part caught my eye:

In the comments section of my original post, someone named tmatt called attention to an element of this news story that I neglected:

I think one other point must be stressed.

The Crystal Cathedral has long been known as a pioneer of a kind of vague, foggy, optimistic, post-doctrinal approach to Christianity. … Many critics of the church have — over the decades —It appears that, facing decline and struggle, the congregation’s leaders have decided to veer back toward Christian doctrine, as defined by most Christians through the ages.

That’s an interesting story. Maybe it could be covered?
considered this bad and an open door to trouble.

Indeed! In the media , both secular and religious, and elsewhere there are two viewpoints. One that Churches must "update" and get with modern views on such things as various issues relating to sexuality and other items. This view seems to be the one that is assumed to be correct by lets say the folks at the NYT op-ed page.

The other view is perhaps where the Crystal Cathedral is heading. That the Church in order to grow and healthy must get back to the traditional basics. Those doctrinal basics may be a lot more than just sex. I fully expect Crystal Cathedral to continue to espouse "positive" Christianity. That is sort of it niche and I don't see that going away. However it appears DOCTRINE will not be sacrificed or ignored.

In essence could we be seeing them going into the Pope Benedict's Affirmative Orthodoxy mode. Affirmative Orthodoxy with a rather "Reformed" twist perhaps.

Regardless if it is "Affirmative Orthodoxy" or not it appears they have decided to make some changes.

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