Thursday, March 24, 2011

A very Impressive Herman Cain Video

Quite effective and appealing. See
Herman Cain Video: ‘The Water Tastes The Same’


Andy said...

I saw the video a day or two ago and couldn't agree with it more. Today a politician could be ostracized if he ever even worked for someone who may have been a segregationist 35 years ago. I have no idea how having ever been a segregationist puts one on par with Hitler, but it is perfectly acceptable to be pro-abortion.

"Seperate but equal" is not a inherently evil concept. In practice, there was never "...but equal" and the division inevitably lead to feelings of superiority and hatred. There is also a good argument that even if you could make everything completely equal, it's still probably not a very good idea to divide people on the arbitrary basis of "race" or ethnicity. However, the concept of "seperate but equal" is not nearly as evil as Margaret Sanger's plan to eliminate the "Negro population."

James H said...

What I like about the vid was well it was just so human. He has a great PR team.

The problem with Seperate but equal of course was it was never really equal. Plus it takes a lot of evil to maintain it I guess

But you are right its better than Sanger eugenics

Andy said...

I didn't mean to imply I think segregation was ok. Just thought it weird that you could stand up in most any group of people and say you are pro-abortion, and that be considered a generally accepted thing to say in this society. If you stand up and say you are pro-segregation in any crowd you would be shouted down almost immediately.

Given Herman's staunch pro-life stance, I think his quote was a good reflection on why the abortion issue should be such a more serious debate than segregation ever was, even greater than slavery.