Monday, March 14, 2011

Will Caroline Fayard Run Against Bobby Jindal For Governor ?

The progressive Daily Kingfish blog has a good post on a situation that all are watching. See Fayard for Governor?

Now in many ways the Kingfish I think sizes up the situation well. Also many many unpopular choices are going to have to be made this legislative session which will leave Jindal weakened.

But for democrats there is a risk here. Fayard's run just last year for LT Govenor was well timed. She managed to get glowing public attention while not being questioned to much on what she actually believed. Though she lost she got some future points in the bank.

However what if she loses in this run for Governor? How will she do in her first big under the microscope run for major office? To say the least the Louisiana Democrats bench for the future is very light!! Washington might like some face for the national news but is that good for Louisiana Democrats?

While it might please Washington , it might make more sense for Louisiana Democrats to have Fayard get her feet wet as to a lesser office that she very likely could win. That sets her up nicely for critical (and much more important ) races for the future.

I think Fayard might be a very worthy opponent to my GOP in the future. However if uncorked too soon she may go very flat if she loses two Statewide elections in a row. It does not help her that Bobby Jindal seems to have kept his North Louisiana support solid as well as other core groups of past supporters.

Fayard is not likely to get the pass she got the last time in a race for a position that quite frankly most Louisiana voters do not think about. It would seem to me that gaining the Sec of State position would allow her time to network and formulate a serious platform and coalition for a future run for Governor. That is at least what I would be thinking if I was her .

Regardless time is running out and if Fayard wants to have any chance to unseat Bobby Jindal she better make that choice soon.


Jim said...

I think you pegged that pretty well. The Dems in Louisiana don't have much going for them, and she is an attractive candidate, a lawyer, wealthy. They had better push her in the right direction so she can be a player in the future.

James H said...

Thanks. I got a sense that was part of the big problem with the Dems and Vitter's opponent. Too much of it seemed Washington based themed. Like lets use Vitter "hookers" to embarass th GOP. Well that did not work out.

If I was her I would not be pushed into something to be fogotten tomorrow