Friday, March 25, 2011

I Would Be In Jail If I Was A Mormon- BYU and New Orleans

I think if I was a Mormon and after hearing 20 years of jokes, ribbing, and silly caricatures , I think I would be in jail for assault on someone. If I was Mormon in New Orleans this week I might be there for murder.

The BYU Basketball team story irked me because two "oddities" can together. That is "sinful" New Orleans and the fan of the BYU Basketball team. Get Religion looked at a Washington Post article BYU fans love New Orleans (really)

I agree with this comment from NOLA girl:

FWIW, I don’t usually drink coffee (I’m not Mormon, I just don’t like it) and I’m a New Orleans native. I still eat beignets occasionally, and the city hasn’t kicked me out yet! Cafe du Monde is overrated anyway. I hope our BYU visitors find the better beignet shops outside of the French Quarter.

All in all, I found this story rather patronizing — not only to BYU fans, but also to New Orleans. Gasp! Look at these weird religious folks! Look at Bourbon Street! (As if there’s nothing in the New Orleans area besides Bourbon Street…) The New Orleans Times-Picayune thankfully hasn’t published any stories with the look-at-the-weird-religious-folks storyline of this WashPost story

New Orleans is a partying place but New Orleans is a lot more than just a few street of the quarter. I like that and engage that on occasion. However there is also Art, History FOOD (Mormons do eat don't they), Music , etc etc.

There are a lot Mormons in Nevada!! I suspect there are far worse things in VEGAS and much more than New Orleans . Thank goodness the Mormon guy interviewed let people in on the secret that New Orleans is a great place to raise a family.

Anyway that is my soapbox.

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