Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Louisiana Democrats See the Light On Voting Rights Act But Blame Racist Jindal!!

I am not sure why I having formatting problems so forgive the appearance of one long paragraph again Oh the irony!! I have long talked about the real problems of parts of the 1965 Voting Civil Rights Act that just the Southern States are under for the most part. To be more specific I have talked about the political evils of section 5 of that act and preclearance by the Justice Department. This was recently revisited by the Supreme Court in the case Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 v. Holder. The conservative Justices (especially Scalia) hinted at these problems but that was ignored. In deference to Congress despite the misgivings of the "conservative Justices " all of the Justices except for Justice Thomas voted to allow this to continue. It appears in some Louisiana democrats are now screaming foul. See OPPOSE Louisiana Apartheid! OPPOSE LA Senate Bill 27 . This blogger helpfully links us to another blog that tells us "of Governor Bobby Jindal’s racist political maneuverings " at Redistricting and Louisiana Apartheid" Oh dear -racist? Mr Stagg seems to put all the evils on Republicans here. Well that is just insane. He mentions the NAACP talking about the problems with this recently at Southern. Well it seems there is a big disconnect somewhere between what the NAACP Lawyer was saying at Southern and what the lead council for the NAACP was saying in front of the Supreme Court recently in the case I linked. In fact where is the NAACP now in Louisiana as this is happening. What is happening is a deal. That the Legislature gets more black faces while Republican leaning districts are made much more safe by packing every black person they can find into a minority district. Though I am a Republican and it favored my party I always opposed this because it was bad civics to put it bluntly. I also have made the point that in reality this has a bigger effect of diluting black voting power on the whole. The fact is this. These parts of the Voting Rights Act might has well be called the PROTECT THE INCUMBENT ACT whether that person is a white Republican or a black democrat. It's not racism but just pure poltical self interest. The fact that hardly not one current Louisiana black politico is speaking out is telling of . The white elected elected democrat is about to become extinct in Louisiana because well these sections of the Voting Rights act (by that informal agreement that no one talks about) pretty much works again having diverse populations and thus hinders coalition voting. All this was done and is now done in the name of racial equality and fairness. There is blame to go around on this no doubt and that balme can be spread equally among all. The problem is that even when the problem is recognized there cannot be the honesty of not attaching all the "evil" motives to just one party. The problem and discussion on this if to to be fixed will not happen as long as that continues.


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