Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Are The GOP Libertarians? Illinois Couple Sued Over Civil Union Ceremony Issue

"How does gay marriage affect you" is often the first thing one hears in these debates. It is followed up by "Your Priest or Pastor will not HAVE TO marry gay people so whats the problem."

As I keep pointing out this is a rather naive view of how the law will work no matter what your stance. While it is an effective soundbite it will not mirror the coming possible reality.

We now see this from the Land of Lincoln. See Gay couple files complaint against Christian B&B owners for refusing civil union ceremony .

Now this suit might not be going anywhere. However it is the logical extension of gay marriage and Civil Unions that we shall see more of this litigation in the future.

Again we are dealing with the conflict of positive liberty versus negative liberty here. See the last paragraphs of this essay for more on that.

Libertarians in the GOP and the conservative movement have some sort of obligation to be consistent.

THIS INCLUDES the gay and bisexual conservative and Republican libertarians. They ,according to the their world view, say this should not be the Governments business on who one marries etc. Well that is fine. However they just can't go AWOL on the many cases such as the one linked we shall see in the future.

They might get involved in this case if this litigation goes forward. However they do have a responsibility to take an active role in this cases.


Mike McLaren said...

There is no such thing as a "gay" conservative. To be a true conservative is to understand the natural order of things, whether it be social or economic, and to live within that order. To live an active homosexual lifestyle is to live outside that order.

James H said...

Well I do agree there is conflict. However there are gay "Libertarians" out there. Just want to see some consistent action here