Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Archbishop Of New Orleans- Corporal punishment Forbidden By Catholic Teaching?

Oh Goodness. I am a big Archbishop Gregory Aymond fan but boy I disagree here.

There is a situation involving "spanking" in Catholic schools. Aymond not a big fan it appears. The folks and Alumni at one of the most important and historic Black Catholic High Schools are in strong disagreement with the Archbishop it appears.

Now to be clear I am pretty sure that Aymond did not mean his words to indicate he was saying Catholics that spank their children are bad Catholics or ordering parents NOT to SPANK YOUR KIDS. However as this Picayune article by their very good religious reporter indicates his views come from personal life experience and just apply to what he wants his Catholic schools to do or not to do.

Anyway I was watching the local media cover this story and I expect this might go more national.

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