Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saints Owner Rita Benson LeBlanc Versus Drew Brees

Saint's Quarterback Drew Brees had a few things to say about the NFL lock out. See Drew Brees On NFL Owners: 'No Real Intent To Get A Deal Done' .
In many court cases the backgrounds and personalities of the plaintiffs and defendants is important. So much so when a court case is also being tried in the court of public opinion also.

Sports commentator and lawyer Clay Travis recently pointed this out as to the named plaintiffs for the players in the NFL case. There are reasons why Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints are named plaintiffs . There are reasons why players that are seen as spoiled, get into criminal trouble and are bad role models are not named. There are reasons why you will not see them with 100 feet of a camera on this issue while the good looking , talented, every dad's dream of a son of a in law will be up front and center.

The owners have their own image problems too. Some are just too controversial. They can be framed as the out of touch greedy old white guys that suck off the public tit to boot to get stadiums built.

So they need a good public face. Well why not Executive Vice President / part owner of the New Orleans Saints Rita Benson LeBlanc. She is the granddaughter of the owner of course and widely acknowledge successor to controlling ownership. Heck it is pretty much understood she is running things now.

Rita is savvy and much younger than the other business owners. She also played a critical part in the New Orleans community after it was viewed that Tom Benson might take the team elsewhere after Katrina. Plus the obvious fact is that is she female. A critical factor perhaps not only among the male but ever increasing female viewership of the NFL.

It would be make a good story line. Smart, female owner of the Saints going toe to toe with her star quarterback. I think she has the PR sense to pull it off for the owners. The owners should consider it.

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