Monday, March 21, 2011

Confirmation of the Episcopal Church USA's All Out Litigation Plan Against Dissent

I am going to hopefully do a post on two legal cases out of the Texas dealing with the Episcopal Church. The main purpose is because it appears some legal precedent might be set in that jurisdiction that could affect a lot more than Episcopalians.

However from California we have an interesting piece of news. See The Object All Sublime .

Now as I have said before I understand what the current leadership at the TEC is doing. They want to resist any sort of alternative Episcopal Church jurisdiction being established. If this was the Catholic Church heck I would be hoping we were doing the same thing.

The problem and the huge question is if the United States Episcopal Church was ever meant to be anything like the Catholic Church.

That is :

Are they a voluntary association of Episcopal Church Dioceses headed by their Bishops that form the National Episcopal Church and General Convention?


To be a valid Episcopalian and linked with the entire Anglican communion must one's Bishop be in communion with head Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America that represents the General Convention?

In other words a lot of this boils down to if the current Presiding Bishop of the TEC is more like Pope Benedict (or a Eastern Church Patriarch ) or on the flip side more like Archbishop Dolan of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. That is the question the property and power seems to being revolving around. Is the TEC like the Vatican /SEE of ROME , or is more like the Southern Baptist Convention to put it another way.

Now again I get why the Episcopal Church is doing this plan of action. However it is mighty expensive. It is also clear that in the end if the TEC is successful much of this property will be sold to non Anglicans or be the location of a new Target Store. That's fine. But where is the secular media in all this? Is not this rather aggressive and very expensive legal battle sort of a big story?

Where is NEWSWEEK!! which appears to have been the unofficial organ of the TEC for many matters. Do they approve of this or is talking about this dirty litigation business in public seen as bad form. Better to talk about the various Catholic litigation issues and Bishops and Hospitals perhaps.

This story gets some coverage but with the amount of litigation going on nationwide it seems light to me.

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