Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hobby Lobby Case Is About MUCH More Than Just Religious Liberty

Josh Blackman looks at an Washington Post  article that I have linked recently that says Hobby Lobby is denying religious liberty rights to their employees.

Josh makes a huge important point . Where is exactly the state sction here. That fact that in order to say Hobby Lobby is violating religious liberty rights must mean they have to be made a state actor. That has enormous disturbing implications. See his post Is Hobby Lobby Imposing its Religious Beliefs on Its Employers?

As he concludes :  

The significance of Hobby Lobby, I have come to realize, goes far beyond RFRA or birth control pills. Instead, the ruling would either legitimize or challenge the consolidation of the relationship between the individual, the employer, and the state, under the auspices of the ACA, in a way we have not yet seen.

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