Friday, January 10, 2014

Catholic Church Enters City of Baton Rouge / St George ' s Controversy

Oh boy I bet this is going to give the Bishop some major headaches on all sides . See Together Baton Rouge, The Catholic Church And St. George

Yes that Father Carville is the cousin of that CARVILLE . 

The St George controversy is basically that a good part of East baton Rouge Parish wants to become a new city which has some major impacts on the city of Baton Rouge . It is a very complicated issue  that sadly has got some very simplistic national press coverage that just centers on race . Rod Dreher had a good overview here of what is going on at  St . George and the Dragon of Race.

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Anonymous said...

For several decades there has been a failure to recognize the fact that you can't help those who refuse to help themselves. When Bush first started his "no child left behind" rhetoric, I was incredulous that people bought into this craziness without realizing that it is the children who are willing to excel who would be harmed, rather than the dysfunctional children who would be helped. "No child left behind" means that all children will stay back there with them. They don't need a new school district, nor do they need to incorporate the unincorporated areas of the parish. They need to quit spending money trying to educate incorrigible juvenile delinquents, and get on with educating those who are willing. This is the same as the woman in California demanding that millions of dollars be spent in keeping her brain-dead daughter on life support. Spend the money for education and medical care on people who can, in fact, be helped.