Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Have Catholic Hermits in Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas - Two Hermits Profess Vows

I always say that Arkansas has a vibrant Catholic life that many people might not expect . I came across this interesting news . New diocesan hermits seek solitude, bound by vows Two retired Catholics profess their perpetual vows before Bishop Taylor Sept. 10 .

The article goes into the qualifications of a hermit and what they do. I find it interesting these people have been living a quiet hermit lifestyle for some time. Again this is an interesting Vocation choice for both young and old. It is also perhaps a Vocation choice for many retired single Catholics that many might not be aware . It does seem that those that think they might have a calling to religious life but can't fit into a community religious orders for a variety of reasons ( maybe some  health issues ) should explore this one.

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