Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Vietnam 's Communist Party Stronghold 410 Men Sign Up For 40 Catholic Seminary Spots

WOW what a witness ! See Vinh: record applications to enter major seminary .( This Diocese has 500,000 Catholics )   They also not the number of female vocations in the article too.

They do note at the end :

  Although the high number of candidates to the priesthood is a sign of the vitality of the Vietnamese Church, Catholic leaders still want to examine closely the reasons that motivate young people to want to dedicate their life to Christ and others. Sometimes, the desire to wear the cassock is based more on "worldly ambitions" than a genuine spirit of service. This is why their motivations must be evaluated, and then adjusted, refined and purified along an educational path shaped by teachers, family, priests and other seminarians.

This is no doubt true to a certain extent. However one is struck looking a t the Vietnamese community in the USA how they have contributed a great number of vocations. Most of the ones I have me have been very holy and had an attitude of service ). The Vietnamese really do contribute so much to Holy Mother Church.

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