Thursday, September 12, 2013

LSU Gender Studies Student In Rage Over Thought of First Amendment Friendly College Campus ( Forbes )

When I went to LSU the area called Free Speech Alley was rather a bust. It was for the most part Preachers yelling at kids and some students yelling back. It kinda of got boring after you saw it a couple of times. Still I thought Free Speech Alley was a good idea and perhaps it would go back it glory days or some rather entertaining , provocative , and indeed important speech and assembly. .

Free Speech Alley was located in front of the LSU Student Union. This is an area where many students of course have occasion to visit during their day on campus.  However during all this time it never occurred to me that LSU was using Free Speech Alley as an area where for the most part a good bit of First Amendment could only happen on campus !

Now looking back this should perhaps have been obvious but it was not to me at the time. Now this works out great for LSU of course. If you have a problem with let us say how the athletic department is run it might make sense to have a protest at well I don't know the athletic department building. The use of Free Speech Alley by LSU powers that be of course helped contain such situations.

That all changed recently when the Alliance Defending Freedom group filed suit against LSU.

However some people are pretty unhappy at this idea of making the entire PUBLIC campus of LSU OK for basic First amendment freedoms. That includes Jana King who is a 19-year-old women’s and gender studies major from Ponchatoula, La. The whole fact of this makes her in her her own words to incoherently rage into her pillow.

Now Jana King did the above video which at first I thought had to be a Onion like spoof. Sadly reading her piece in the LSU student newspaper that appears not to be a the case .

 F.I.R.E President Greg Lukianoff used this video and student piece to show the major crisis crisis we have on campus as to the First amendment. See LSU's 'Free Speech' Zones Raise A Disturbing Question: Are We Losing The War?

As Lukinanoff points out this LSU's student's viewpoints are depressing common. Which is very bad because people like Jana King become people of influence later on . Including being politicos and GASP even Judges.

Now the fact that Jana King is a Gender Studies major is interesting. In my observation these folks in this and related like majors ( Queer studies etc ) seem to be on a rampage on banning speech on campus that in their view is intimidating , bullying ( a favorite ) , or even is just by saying it " VIOLENT " . At the very least they frame a good bit of speech and indeed just association as a tort of " mental distress" that is inflicted on helpless students and other victims . For instance look at the recent at TUFTS University over a Christian group on campus.

 That is dangerous because they often have people of influence and power behind them  that think that such arguments all valid to ban various first amendment freedoms. Still this problem goes across the political  spectrum . For instance LSU a few years back handled badly a situation where a student wanted to burn the American flag in how they let the outraged students stop it basically. Also no doubt there are folks on the right that also think they have a right " Not to be offended " on various other issues .

 Anyway meet Jana King. She is far too common and the virus she has infects way too many people across the demographic spectrum.

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