Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Bridging Civic Political Divides To Evangelization - Bring Back the Dinner Parties

About ten years I back I knew a couple that lived in a nice part of Shreveport out on Cross Lake. They had reached the time of life where they wanted to downgrade to something smaller. Their house had a wonderful deck, great den, a special elevated place for a long dining room table and downstairs a sort of party room bar too boot. The problem they were having was  major difficulty selling the place. When I asked why they said this house was built for entertaining and YOU YOUNG PEOPLE don't entertain anymore.

She was very right. Compared to my grandparents my parents did not entertian as much and my generation even less it seems

That thought came to mind when I read this article Renewing Hospitality  and some words of wisdom from the 2nd Century  Letter to Diognetus. It also comes to mind because no matter what side you are as to this election one gets the feeling many consider you slime because of your political affiliation.

Offering "hospitality" and breaking bread with other to help bridge differences and even  to evangelise  is on many religious folks lips. However here is the problem whether you talk about this in the political or religious context ( and those of course overlap) is the Dinner party is very much a lost art.

It might be good to bring this back , but I am not sure how we do this.

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