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61 Year Old New Orleans Catholic Lady Gets Confirmed and Brings Her Adult Children And Grand Children With Her

Actually they are from Chalmette right next door.Regardless .....

I have been wanting to post this great story by Beth Donze in the Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic newspaper. See Home is where the heart is for OLPS confirmands

I have to say I am always a tad wary of "Home Masses" that are mentioned because of past abuses but I really like how they went out of the way to meet her family needs.

“We’re getting older, and I want to be with God and my husband when I pass away because I just love him so much,” said Migliore, describing the state of mind that prompted her to pursue confirmation.

Still, embarrassed about going through the traditional channels of RCIA because of her age, Migliore went to the home of Mark Shiffer, the eighth- and ninth-grade catechism teacher in her home parish of Our Lady of Prompt Succor in Chalmette, and the former CCD teacher of her grandson, Santo Chagnard. She left the absent Shiffer a note: Was there any way he could prepare her for confirmation in her own home?

“If somebody’s gonna walk a quarter of a mile down the street, knock on your door, and say, ‘I really want to go through this process,’ what do you expect me to do? Of course I’m gonna see if it’s possible,” said Shiffer, who had never been asked to teach home lessons in his 25 years as a parish catechist. He contacted his parochial vicar, Father Salvador Galvez, and his pastor, Father Danilo Digal, to see if the archdiocese permitted confirmands to receive religious instruction in the home under special circumstances. Much to Shiffer’s surprise, the unusual request was given the green light within a day or two.

“Their message was, ‘Yes, everyone is entitled to get the information (to prepare them for the sacraments),” said Shiffer, who began holding the weekly two-hour classes in the Migliores’ home last July, in advance of Our Lady of Prompt Succor’s Oct. 16 confirmation Mass.

Class size mushrooms

But Shiffer’s biggest surprise came when he arrived to teach the first session: Not only did Carol Migliore want to be confirmed, seven other family members desired the sacramental preparation: Migliore’s daughter, Sherie, 42; sons Gary Jr., 40, and Roy, 39; Gary’s wife Stacey, 33; two grandchildren – Michael Chagnard, 23, and Santo Chagnard, 18; and Michael’s girlfriend, Brittany Catania, 20. Carol and Gary Migliore’s 11 other grandchildren, who are not of confirmation age, also flitted in and out of the classes.

Read the whole thing truly amazing. This story reminds me of a couple of things. TheNew Evangelization as it's called should be done and aimed at people REGARDLESS OF AGE. Its pretty amazing what a  61 year old New Orleans woman brought with her. Imagine how many lives have changed for perhaps generations .

Second again death of a love one is a pivotal time and again we are reminded of the long term importance and opportunity here.

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