Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do People Actually Like Bilingual Masses

I have been to a few bilingual Masses  ( and worse even trilingual ) for big events in a Diocese. In the write up in the Catholic newspaper its often mentioned how wonderful that the Mass was bilingual and everyone loved it. Except I never got the feeling everyone loved it though we all knew we were all suppose to love it. It is sort of like other things in the liturgy that has somewhat changed and we are told by the experts we need to love it. AND HOW CAN EXPERTS BE WRONG so we we go along with it.

It all seemed rather forced and upset the flow of the Mass to me. I can get used to some part of the Mass being in Latin and some in ( native language) but that's about it.

Sam Rocha has a nice column talking about this and other matters at Bilingual Mass Never Quite Jives For Me: A Note on Translation

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