Sunday, October 25, 2009

MAUREEN DOWD Pontificates on Vatican "Inquisition" of American Nuns and Sisters (Updated)

Well thank God Dowd has given her two cents. Where would we be without her wisdom. See The Nuns’ Story in the New York Times.

I don't know about you but when I have questions about Church matters and Theology the first person I turn too is Dowd that has written so vastly on the subject (SARC). Maybe next week she will explain to us the internal politics of Iceland which she might be more knowledgeable on compared to this.

Now the article is sort of funny in it's attempt to assert so many stereotypes (THE POPE WEARS EXPENSIVE SHOES!!) . She also has talks about the Pope's outreach to Anglo Catholics who she helpfully informs hate all gay people.

But what it is amusing in her own article she shows that indeed there is a problem but she is so liberal she can't see it.

When then-Cardinal Ratzinger was “The Enforcer” in Rome, he investigated and disciplined two American nuns. One, Jeannine Gramick, then of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, founded a ministry to reconcile gays with the church, which regards homosexual desires as “disordered.” The other, Mary Agnes Mansour of the Sisters of Mercy, headed the Michigan Department of Social Services, which, among other things, paid for abortions for poor women.

Well goodness what is the problem.

Oh Goodness Bad Habit has a great post on this. See MY SUNDAY SERMON…OK, IT’S A RANT


Mary Ellen said...

I wrote a post today about this twit and her ridiculous assertions that women are beaten down by the church. Honestly, I'm so sick of people like her and the other moronic atheist fundamentalists who spew their misinformation and crap all over the Internet. I swear, my keys were smokin' by the time I finished my post...which I did in record time,I might add! :-)

James H said...

Oh I can't wait to read it I am just getting on this mornoing. I ill add it to this post as link

Mary Ellen said...


I think my blood pressure shot up 10 points as I was writing that post. :-)