Monday, May 21, 2012

Will Mitt Romney Lose Arkansas Over 150 Year Old Mormon Militia Massacre ? ( Updated)

Let me say I am not so anti this Washington Post article Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith tangles with a quirk of Arkansas history as some Conservatives are such as we see  here and here.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon  running for President ,and that is a pretty interesting fact. It is also a fact that relations between Mormons and Christians have been rather mixed over American History.

So as a lover of American history, I see more "opportunity" than harm in examining the interesting interplay of Mormons and others in history. To put a finer point it , I am not sure we should assume the very worst intention ALL the time of the person writing the story. I think we often divine the good from the bad.

I like the article. It relates to a people in one area of Arkansas that are related to the victims , and combines polling. The indication is from the article on the question if it would hurt him is well not really.

 I agree with that.

 I suspect most of the people talked about are much more concerned about the problems with the Arkansas Football team than Mitt Romney being a Mormon. I also don't think they exist ( the descendants) in such vast numbersa to have much effect on the Arkansas electoral vote to sway it against Romney even it they wanted too. But as the article points out for such a people connected by blood to this incident it does not seem to be hurting Romney. Which again might show a bigger story as to the Evangelical vote as a whole in this election.

Still a interesting article , that I enjoyed.

UPDATE- More info on the background of this via this Salon piece.

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